Meet the Teacher

Music is an important part of our family lifeā€”from using songs to learn academics to performing together. We’re always happy when gathered around the piano singing and playing instruments. I love being a wife to Kurt, mom to my 7 (homeschool graduate) kids, and now Grandma.

My philosophy is that people learn best when they are having fun and feel emotionally safe. I enjoy creating an atmosphere where students feel they are part of a community. Pre-lesson learning activities (aka lab time) give me insights into how a student learns and what their mood is that day.

I chose the method I did because of the sound pedagogical research behind them (they use best-practices from the best educators). Supplemental resources are chosen for their ability to engage and teach in a fun way.

We don’t do competitions or adjudications. We lean toward more frequent informal performance opportunities such as our December Play for Friends and Family Challenge (there’s a cash reward involved!) or playing for other students at our Studio Parties. Formal recitals are more rare here. So, if you’re looking for a professional, classical music-performance career, this may not be the studio for you.

If you’re looking to develop good sightreading and technical skills with a solid understanding of theory and how to use it…If you’re interested in accompanying at church or just playing songs you enjoy…if you understand the power of music to change a mood, you might have found the perfect fit!

To sign up or learn more, reach out today!