Do I need a piano?

Students must have an acoustic piano or a weighted 61+ keys keyboard with a pedal at home in order to practice.  The bench should be adjusted to the proper height.  Acoustic pianos should be tuned annually or more often as needed.

How much do I need to practice each day?

That depends on your age and goals. Daily practice makes for regular progress. HOW you practice is more important than how long.

How much are lessons and materials?

Tuition & Fees

Monthly Tuition pays for membership in the studio and a set number of lessons. It’s flat-rate: the same amount every month. Most music is included except method books and any special requests from student.

Private, 30 minute – $88 Private, 45 minute – $120 Online, 30 minute – $108

Annual Registration

$25/student (due each August after start year)

What payment forms do you accept?

Check, cash, Zelle and credit card (through the studio management portal)