We could tell you how Melody Mojo piano studio…

  • instills confidence to improv, compose and perform from Day 1.
  • helps students find their creative voice and fall in love with making music
  • teaches through hands-on, active theory (instead of just workbooks)
  • shapes correct technique from the first lesson
  • uses a research-based sight-reading approach
  • guides ear (aural) development as a sight-reading tool
  • uses a multi-layered, fun approach with life application
  • has a strong community connection between students

But, we’ll just show you this…

He asks every day when he gets to go to piano!

– Ashley, piano parent

I love all the music!…I’m so excited!

Kylee, teen student

Wait! It’s over already? Can’t we stay longer?

– Lucas & Julia, after an hour-long lesson

I feel so much more confident in my playing…

– Christy, adult student